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Future historians will call the twentieth century the century of the refugee

Kushner & Knox (1999, p36)

European policy on migration does not safeguard the rights of refugees as the travel into and across European State borders (Rygiel, 2015). Refugees currently in transit in Europe have little or no access to media platforms. Mainstream media often represents refugees in a pejorative manner by using suggestive and powerful language that “contributes towards playing a central role in shaping public discourse and beliefs about race and ethnicity” (Devereux & Breen, n.d).

Myths about refugees being smuggled into Europe and committing acts of violence are exaggerated by mainstream media and contribute towards keeping societies suspended in a state of anxiety (Castle, 2013). Mainstream media frames the current migration flow into Europe with narratives of charity, sympathy, and criminality. 

The premise of this digital project is that if given the opportunity and access to a digital and social space, a core team of participants that reside in the  informal refugee camp in Calais, can grow and develop their digital and communication skills, thus creating a situation whereby they are documenting their own political, social, cultural, and environmental realities using a range of social media and digital tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube and www.jungalaradio.com