The Road to Shatila Refugee Camp (Radio)

 First Aired 1st May @5pm 2015 Where: UCC98.3 FM



UCC98.3FM in conjunction with the BAI (Broadcasting Authority of Ireland) are delighted to announce the following.

The Road to Shatila Refugee Camp Documentary

This a 4x 30-minute radio documentary that highlights some of the key political and social issues that affect Palestinian Refugees in Beirut. A historical backdrop of Middle Eastern politics is given in order to guide the listener.

It explores the notion of Irish volunteers abroad and what motivates their actions. Contributors to the documentary include community workers, political activists & organisations, NGOS, individual volunteers & Palestinian Refugees from Ireland and Shatila Camp in Beirut.

All 4 parts of the show will air on UCC98.3 Fm radio at 5pm on May 1st 2015.


Episode 1 –Irish Volunteers in Beirut

Episode 2 – Lebanon Trust (Irish NGO in Beirut)

Episode 3- Sabra Shatila Massacre

Episode 4- Life at the Camp

 Ppresented and produced by Kathy O’ Hare

Edited by Elaine Lucey