The aim of the series Access n’ Attitudes is  to highlight the personal experiences of disability from a Cork perspective whilst demonstrating and acknowledging some of the physical and attitudinal barriers that maybe present in the Cork community.The programmes will expose some of the barriers that people with disabilities face on a day to day level be it prejudicial discrimination, institutional discrimination or the physical environment. The series also explores some of the vital services that promote the ethos of independent living within the community.

Defining Disability Episode 1

Education Episode 2

Independent Living Episode 3

Parenthood & Disability Episode 4

In partnership with CIL (Centre for Independent Living Cork) 93.1 Life FM and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. 

Presented by Sarah Harrington, Produced by Kathy O’ Hare. 

Special Thanks to contributors

Nicola Meacle (CIL), James Cronin (UCC), Disability Support Services UCC,