An Underwater Vision


Historical Maritime Events in the Munster Region, Scuba Diving on Wrecks in Ireland, Marine Biology and the natural environment, Underwater Archaeology and World War 1 Artefacts & Salvage. The documentary places a strong emphasis on our heritage and culture that is protected by the Department of Heritage and Culture. The programme also creates an awareness of what lies beneath us, with over 12,000 shipwrecks lying in Irish coastal waters each with their own story to tell. The key theme of this series is to expose the rich historical heritage of the Irish Sea through the activity of Scuba diving and also to explore the diversity of shipwrecks off the Irish coast and in particular off the Munster coast.


Finding A Wreck Part 1

Finding a Wreck Part 2

Underwater Archaeology Part 1

Underwater Archaeology Part 2

Biodiversity Part 1

Biodiversity Part 2

Shipwrecks Part 1

Shipwrecks Part 2

Diving the Lusitania Part 1

Diving the Lusitania Part 2